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Mediterranean Sold

I just received an email link to a Belmont County news paper that states that the Med was sold.  It looks like Belmont County no longer owns the property.  The new owner owns a drilling company that is adjacent to the Med.  He plans to use the building for storage and warehouse.  I only hope the cemetery on the property doesn’t get destroyed.

Original Article

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Too Cold for Exploring :-(

While, it’s been too cold to go exploring, I’ve been trying to make up with it by doing some research. Recently, I received an email from a lovely lady named Helen. She provided me with some great information about western Belmont County, Ohio.

Our conversation covered many topics about Belmont County. Below are a rough copy of my notes from a conversation we had on the phone. She has given me some insight and ideas about new topics of research and new locations to try to photograph.

  • What I have been calling the Belmont County Indigent Cemetery is the County Home Cemetery. The old County Home is down the road on the other side of the road. The last I heard, the OSU extension office was located there, among other county offices.
  • There is a barn that is sitting on the old US route 40 right of way (pre 1930’s WPA project to move/widen the road. This right of way is the original “Lady Bend Hill“. They were moving the barn and it felll or dropped and it was decided to leave the barn where it sat.
  • The Mediterranean sits on the site of a Baptistm church. A coal company cleared the top of the hill for the building and parking lot. Due to the way the hill drops off, it is possibly that part of the cemetery was destroyed.
  • There is an Indian Graveyard in Egypt Valley. This information was provided to her by a gentleman who says he knows exactly where it is.
  • According to the maps I’ve seen, Pasko rd in Blaine could be the old pre 1930’s WPA US Route 40 right of way.
  • Belmont county owns The Mediterranean, but the township trustee’s are in charge of it. Prisoners (possibly from the Belmont Correction Facality) tried cleaning up Moore Cemetery, but township trustee’s nixed it.

I can’t wait until it is warm enough to go exploring in Belmont County again.

Because of all of the new information I have, I’ve decided to start an update project on the site. I’ve updated that relate to the information I have. I’ve also written pages for Armstrong Mills Cemetery & the Belmont County Children’s Cemetery.

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Belmont County Childrens Home Cemetery & Armstrong Mills Cemetery

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got a chance to do some exploring in Belmont, County Ohio. I wanted to hit afew other sites, but the weather conspired against me. I did manage to visit the Belmont County Children’s Home Cemetery in Tacoma, Ohio. This cemetery is a very very small cemetery that is literally right behind Friends Township – French Cemetery. If you travel up the small road, you will see one newer house and then a 2 rows of stones that are fenced off in the same fence as Friends. Click here to see the full gallery.

The other cemetery I visited was the Armstrong Mills Cemetery in Armstrong Mills, Ohio. I was under the impression that Armstrong Mills was a ghost town so I was looking for old buildings to explore and possible sites to metal detect. I found quite afew of old buildings, but more occupied houses than I felt comfortable poking around. I did swing by the cemetery though. The cemetery is still active, but has an old section. I was amazed by the size of the cemetery for such a small village. The site was triangular shaped and several acres. On one side was the old section, and in the middle (between the old section and the new section), was an equally old section that had a low fence around it. All of the names on the stones indicated that their last name was “Armstrong” or they were related to the Armstrong family. This makes me want to research the town’s history a bit more. Click here to see the full gallery of pictures.

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Got out and did some exploring today

My girlfriend and I took advantage of the awesome weather in Columbus, Ohio today to do some exploring. We ended up visiting 3 cemeteries so I could photograph them. The cemeteries were Brown Pet Cemetery, Primitive Baptist Cemetery, and Silent Hill Cemetery.

My favorite was the pet cemetery. I was amazed at how expansive the cemetery was. I left a bit sad thinking of how many loved family members and friends were buried there.

I hope to get the HTML written in the next few days.

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Mitchell Cemetery & Media Attention

This post deals with 2 events. First off, I was giving permission to photography a cemetery that is on the property of a Dublin, Ohio business. This required several emails and coordinating with their PR & security staff. Due to the requirements placed on me, I am not allowed to mention the business, the exact location of the site, or show any pictures that depict their building (which was kind of hard and I was not able to post several of my favorite photos from the shoot).

Mitchell Cemetery

The second piece of of news is that when I visited Salem Cemetery on 10/20/2007, I had the chance to meet with a news paper reporter for The Times Leader. Here is a link to scans of the actual article. I really wish I could have found a copy of it online. This is the first media attention the website has received, so I am pretty excited.

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Agudas Achim Cemetery

I had visited this cemetery last spring and sorta lost the pictures in the shuffle. This is a very cool little Jewish cemetery with lots of intresting stones. It is located basically at the corner of Alum Creek Drive & Integrity Drive in Columbus, Ohio. When I first went there, I drove past the entrance and had to turn around. I would highly suggest not pulling into the cemetery as there is no where to park/turn around.

Feel free to check out my gallery of the cemetery. I hope to have HTML pages written by the end of this weekend.

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Outing with Egypt Valley Paranormal Investigations

I met up with the folks from Egypt Valley Paranormal Investigations (I’ve mentioned them in the previous post). We met at Salem Cemetery, and I got some new pics. Click here to see them. I had a great time meeting the folks, and talking to a news paper reporter from the Times Leader.

The news paper article should appear on Sunday, Oct 28th. I’m waiting to see if myself or the website are mentioned. Wish me luck. I will post any information that relates to the site from the article here.

I also stopped by another cemetery off of SR-147 in Tacoma (near Barnsville, Ohio). I’m working on finding the name for the cemetery. For the time being, I am just calling it the unknown cemetery on 147. Click here to see the pics.

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Cool website I found

I found the following site while searching around on the internet today. I’ve already contacted the the site and find they are really cool. I look forward to possibly meeting with this group and doing some exploring. Feel free to check out their site:
Egypt Valley Paranormal Investigations

I’ve also done some minor maintenance to the site (mainly fixing broken pictures and spelling errors). This year has been a drag, because I’ve got some personal things going on and have not had a chance to do much exploring. I still hope to go out once or twice before it gets cold.

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Potter's Field (Toledo)

Sunday morning after going to a ham festival (yes, in my personal life I am an amateur radio operator). Myself and some friends were driving back, and wanted to ride past the new E. L. Bowsher High School they are building. As we rode past it, there was a comment about an old cemetery behind the building site.

It was decided to stop and look around, and I took the chance to snap some pics. These pics are from my cellphone, so they are crappy.

Ron, (one of the people I was with) said he thought he had some older photograph’s of the cemetery from somewhere between the 70’s & the 90’s. If I can get my hands on those pictures, I plan to scan them and get them into the gallery.

Click here for a link to the gallery.

Also, upon further research of the area, across the road (now University of Toledo property) sat an insane asylum and/or a TB hospital. There was also a cemetery there that has long since been moved. If that didn’t make this area cool, there is a small creek near there that was a spur off of the Erie canel, and was used to move stuff to the docks in Maumee, Ohio (or so I have been told). I look foward to researching and exploring this area in the future.

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Union Cemetery HTML

This is a quick note that I have written HTML for the Union Cemetery gallery entry. Click here to view the webpage on the domain for this exploration.

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