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More Changes

If you poke around the site, you sill see some minor changes. I’m actually (once again) performing a rewrite of the site. Usually I try to ensure there are no broke links, spelling and grammar are corrected, generally clean up, and and make minor changes. Most of the changes are behind the scenes. You will notice the link colors have changed. This is because I have started adding style sheets to the site.

With the “upgrades” to the site, it only took me a matter of hours (rather than days) to update all of the HTML. Moving forward, the changes I made will allow me to write new pages faster. This is a very good thing because I tend to drag my feet in writing the HTML after I have the photographs up.

I’m very very satasifed with the site. Please let me know of any comments or feedback you have. Also let me know if I missed any broke links or pictures.

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