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Metal Detecting

This post will be cross posted between my personal blog and the Midwest Lost blog.

This last weekend, I went out with Ron (Carrie’s father) to go metal detecting. The event was put on by dfxonly.com metal detecting club, and was held at Camp Tuscazoar in North East Ohio.

This was my first adventure in metal detecting, although I had always wanted to try it. I have to say I greatly enjoyed it and cannot wait to be able to go out again. I met a lot of great guys (and ladies), and had a lot of fun. The stuff the group found was awesome. Personally, I found some old rifle shell casings (there were a lot of these just laying on the surface, as the camp had been used by the US military at some point for training), a silver plated spoon, this really neat twisted tent spike that I suspect may be wrought iron, and a 1944 Walking Liberty silver half dollar. I would have been very very happy with the other things I found. The Walking Liberty was just icing on the cake. Ofcourse I would have been equally happy with any coinage. Be it a wheat back penny, a buffalo nickel, or really anything. Being my first coin, I’m very very excited.

I’ve spoken with Ron, and we are discussing other sites to visit and explore. We are starting to discuss other places we can go and we may go out next weekend for afew hours.

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