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Belmont County Childrens Home Cemetery & Armstrong Mills Cemetery

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got a chance to do some exploring in Belmont, County Ohio. I wanted to hit afew other sites, but the weather conspired against me. I did manage to visit the Belmont County Children’s Home Cemetery in Tacoma, Ohio. This cemetery is a very very small cemetery that is literally right behind Friends Township – French Cemetery. If you travel up the small road, you will see one newer house and then a 2 rows of stones that are fenced off in the same fence as Friends. Click here to see the full gallery.

The other cemetery I visited was the Armstrong Mills Cemetery in Armstrong Mills, Ohio. I was under the impression that Armstrong Mills was a ghost town so I was looking for old buildings to explore and possible sites to metal detect. I found quite afew of old buildings, but more occupied houses than I felt comfortable poking around. I did swing by the cemetery though. The cemetery is still active, but has an old section. I was amazed by the size of the cemetery for such a small village. The site was triangular shaped and several acres. On one side was the old section, and in the middle (between the old section and the new section), was an equally old section that had a low fence around it. All of the names on the stones indicated that their last name was “Armstrong” or they were related to the Armstrong family. This makes me want to research the town’s history a bit more. Click here to see the full gallery of pictures.

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