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Too Cold for Exploring :-(

While, it’s been too cold to go exploring, I’ve been trying to make up with it by doing some research. Recently, I received an email from a lovely lady named Helen. She provided me with some great information about western Belmont County, Ohio.

Our conversation covered many topics about Belmont County. Below are a rough copy of my notes from a conversation we had on the phone. She has given me some insight and ideas about new topics of research and new locations to try to photograph.

  • What I have been calling the Belmont County Indigent Cemetery is the County Home Cemetery. The old County Home is down the road on the other side of the road. The last I heard, the OSU extension office was located there, among other county offices.
  • There is a barn that is sitting on the old US route 40 right of way (pre 1930’s WPA project to move/widen the road. This right of way is the original “Lady Bend Hill“. They were moving the barn and it felll or dropped and it was decided to leave the barn where it sat.
  • The Mediterranean sits on the site of a Baptistm church. A coal company cleared the top of the hill for the building and parking lot. Due to the way the hill drops off, it is possibly that part of the cemetery was destroyed.
  • There is an Indian Graveyard in Egypt Valley. This information was provided to her by a gentleman who says he knows exactly where it is.
  • According to the maps I’ve seen, Pasko rd in Blaine could be the old pre 1930’s WPA US Route 40 right of way.
  • Belmont county owns The Mediterranean, but the township trustee’s are in charge of it. Prisoners (possibly from the Belmont Correction Facality) tried cleaning up Moore Cemetery, but township trustee’s nixed it.

I can’t wait until it is warm enough to go exploring in Belmont County again.

Because of all of the new information I have, I’ve decided to start an update project on the site. I’ve updated that relate to the information I have. I’ve also written pages for Armstrong Mills Cemetery & the Belmont County Children’s Cemetery.

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