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Two of my Favorite Things

Over this this long weekend, I’ve been working on two of my favorite things. That would be historical research and being a computer geek. Quite awhile back, I was given the url for some scans of turn of the 20th century
Topographic Maps. The catch about the maps is that each one was so large that when scanned, they were scanned as 4 parts.

For some time, I’ve been looking for a program that satisfied all of my requirements (good quality and free). I had tried out several programs, and wasn’t really happy with any of them. This weekend, I started playing with a program from Microsoft called ICE (Image Composite Editor). This program does a great job of stitching pictures together.

One of the cool things that can be done with the completed maps, is that they can be uploaded to a GPS unit and overlaid over modern maps. This means you can see your position in relation to the turn of the century maps.

After getting the hang of this program, I stitched afew maps together. Here are some that I’ve already done.

1905 Survey of St. Clairsville, Ohio
1901 Survey of Cadiz, Ohio
1901 Survey of Wheeling, WVa
All 3 maps are clickable for larger versions. I also have even larger versions that I am doing research from. For the sake of bandwidth, I have kept the images small.

The only problem is that some of the scans of the maps don’t completely line up. So this means that some maps are unable to be stitched back together.

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