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Bridgeport, Ohio is the last stop before crossing the Ohio river into Wheeling, WV. US route 40 and Interstate 70 both run through Bridgeport, along with Ohio SR 7. This makes Bridgeport a cross roads of sorts. Sadly, I havn't been back to Belmont County to get pictures of my own, so I am using pictures from the Wheeling Virtual Tour. I've emailed the owner of that site for permission to use some pictures, but have yet to hear back.

This is the old "Bridgeport Bridge". It used to span the Ohio river between Bridgeport, Ohio and Wheeling Island, Wva. I believe this bridge is either a historic landmark or in the process of becomming one. I think the state wanted to tear it down, but it was a no dice. To the right, you can see the bridge that replaced it. As you an see, it has much less style. In the foreground of this pictures is the on ramp for Ohio SR-7 that runs along the Ohio river.

More of the same. You can get a better view of the bridge that replaced it, and in the background behind it is the green bridge that crosses from Wheeling Island to Wheeling, Wva on I-70. These pictures go hand in hand with my page on WVa.

Bridgeport has it's own other attractions of intrest, but I do not have any pictures nor, can I find any so they will have to wait until my next visit back east.

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