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Below are some pictures of the western terminus of US-40. US-40 was cut when they built I-70. This is near 800 & I-70 meet. What is left of US-40 is now CR-102 (I believe). When you drive in CR-102, you are driving on the west bound lanes. The east bound lanes are mostly gravel and are used as parking. Sorry for the crappy pictures, once again these were taken with my cellphone.

This is where US-40 ends. You can see the fence and guard rail beyond it. That's the guard rail for I-70. I-70 is literally 10-15 feet from the fence. The second pictures shows me driving on the west bound lanes and what the east bound lanes have becaome.

Here are 2 more of the gravel eastbound lane and the still paved westbound lane.

These two pictures are kind of cool, because they show the remains of the drainage system of US-40. The one that is over grown is on the outside of the eastbound lane. The other one is in what is left of the medium.

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