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On 11/11/06, myself, Beth (from Grave Addiction), and Justin were discussing cemeteries to visit as we were leaving the Circle Cemetery. Justin suggested hitting a cemetery on SR-331. I couldn't picture this cemetery until pulling up. As we got out, I realized this was, atleast to my understanding, the indigent cemetery. If I am incorrect, please contact me and correct me. This cemetery is maintained and much to my suprise, is still active.

These pictures show how long this cemetery has been active.

This cemetery is very sparse on stones. I suspect there are quite afew unmarked graves. For that reason and the weather was poor that day, I don't have many more pictures. Click here for a link to my gallery of this cemetery.

Update: On January 16th, 2009, I spoke with a lovely lady named Helen who provided me with a host of information. She mentioned that the cemetery I called the indigent cemetery was actually called the "Belmont County Home Cemetery". This cemetery went with the Belmont County Home that is located further west down SR 331 on the other side of the road. It is a large several story brick building. The county home had a large kitchen in the basement, farm land, and provided services to the less fortunate.

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