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"The Med" as it was known was at one point the place to go for drinks and dinner. That was between 15 and 20 years ago. You can see the outlne of the main structure from I-70 near exit 202 when traveling east. You can access the site from township road 1570. This road is located near Lady Bend Hill on US 40.

If you look in the upper right corner of the above picture you can see the roof of the med.

Driving up the hill, you will see many of these. They were lamp posts to light the road. At the top of the hill is some little, unknown building. It had power and lights atone point. My mother can't remember what it was used for, however it may be a case that she does not remember the exact building I am refering too.

This is "The Med". I bet the deck would be an awesome place to get pictures of Egypt Valley, but I heard about 5 years ago that it was unsafe to be out on. Currently it is being used for records storage by Belmont County. A group of volunteers are currently cleaning the records from the old county home that is slated to be torn down, and keeing the property nice for prospective buyers. It seems the county is considering selling the property. Click here for some very nice pictures of the interior of the building, from the their website.

On the left you can see a tiled column. Thereare one of these on both sides of the road and there used to bean arched sign with a tiled "roof" to match the building and out building above. I am unsure if it was torn down or fell down. Neither would suprise me. On the right, you can see what it was replaced with.

In the last few months, I have heard that the county bought the building and was going to use it until it was disovered what the cost would be to repair the building. From what I have heard, they are currently looking for buyers for the building and using it to store records from the old county home on 331 that is slated to be torn down.

11/11/2006 Myself, Beth (from Grave Addiction), and Justin from Belmont County visited this site. We visited the cemetery on the property, and got some pics of the building and property.

Here are some close up's of the building.

Here is the link to the full gallery of pictures of the site.

Update: On January 16th, 2009, I spoke with a lovely lady named Helen who provided me with a host of information. She mentioned that before The Med was built, there was a Baptist chuch on the site. This church was not in use for much time, and at the time of the construction of The Med, several bricks were found, but not saved. Also the hilltop was removed to make a large enough flat area for building and parking lot. This could have destroyed part of the cemetery.

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