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On Nov. 11, 2006, myself, Beth (from Grave Addiction), and Justin hit Moore Cemetery, along with afew other cemeteries. This cemetery was the one I was most looking foward too. I had heard a reference to this cemetery on a website about a group of volunteers that are conserving county records that are being stored at The Med. Upon discussions between several members of Grave Addiction, Justin mentioned this cemetery and I thought it matched the description of a cemetery I had been looking for.
This cemetery is near the building of The Mediterranean. By our best guess, the name of this cemetery is "Moore Cemetery". If you know anything more about this cemetery, feel free to contact me. It's in the woods, and I do not believe we would have found it had the leaves of already fallen.
Sorry for the poor pictures, but due to the rain and the fact that I was using my cell phone.

On the left is looking up the small hill towards the cemetery. On the right is one of the few stones still standing upright and easily readable.

Most of the stones are in this condition.

Click here for a link to the full gallery of this cemetery.

Update: On January 16th, 2009, I spoke with a lovely lady named Helen who provided me with a host of information. She mentioned that before The Med was built, there was a Baptist chuch on the site. This church was not in use for much time, and at the time of the construction of The Med, several bricks were found, but not saved. Also the hilltop was removed to make a large enough flat area for building and parking lot. This could have destroyed part of the cemetery.

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