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I had noticed this cemetery when taking my girlfriend to the airport in Columbus in November of 2007. At first I thought it was a human cemetery because of the size. After I got home and looked at the area on Google Maps, I realized that it was actually a pet cemetery. Some of the markers are more ornate than human markers I've seen. While the cemetery is mowed and fairly well maintained. Several of the stones are off there bases and many more are either falling over the hillside on the back end or already have.

For some reason, even 2 1/2 months after I have visited the cemetery, it makes me sad to look at the pictures. These animals were people's best friends, and those people loved these animals. Out of all of the cemeteries I've ever visited, this is the one that I most hope the population realized that they are not forgotten.

Military K-9 & Mascot

A great many owners loved their pets enough to have their images placed on their markers.

Another military K-9 on the right. On the left, not all stones are very ornate. But I'm sure all were placed with the same love.

Two of the many stones that have toppled over backwords and are laying on a slope at the back of the cemetery. I suspect the hill is sliding, and will eventually claim a great many stones.

The above is one final image to remember this wonderful cemetery by.

Click here if you would like to view the full gallery of this cemetery.

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