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Mitchell Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on the property of a company in Dublin, Ohio. The site is secure and I had to contact their media contact and work with them to get permission to access the site and photograph the cemetery. Due to the restrictions I had to agree too, I am not allowed to mention the exact location of the cemetery, who owns the property, give any information that could be used to find the site, or show any pictures of the building or cars in the parking lot. This went so far as, I had to let them review my pictures before I left the site. I was very glad that I agreed to their conditions. The cemetery is very well taken care of and very pretty.

When I got to the site, I had to check in with security and then wait for my guide to arrive. As we were leaving, she mentioned informed the information desk where we were going and made a joke it was to keep security from shooting us. I'm not sure of security is armed or not, but I wouldn't take the chance.

Very ornate fence and gate made of wrought iron.

The older stones are sandstone, with the "newer" stones being marble.

On the left is a a pretty good overview of most of the stones. On the right is a family marker. It has what I am assuming is a mother, father, son, and his wife.

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